It looks like Gazpacho has been around forever: every household in Spain has its own recipe…
but it all started in the hot climate southern region of Andalusia. Gazpacho existed before
Columbus discovered America and back then there were no tomatoes in Europe. Still, the local
farmers and shepherds found out that amazing blend of all natural ingredients to sustain
their daily activities under the hot Mediterranean summer.

Mucho Gazpacho unveils this traditional recipe ready to drink
so you can enjoy the best Gazpacho.



The Family

Tomatoes, cucumber, sweet
onions, red bell peppers, olive oil,
white wine vinegar and salt.

Green tomatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber, sweet onions, green bell peppers, sunflower seeds oil,
virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Tomatoes, beets, red cabbage,
red bell peppers, sweet onions, sunflower seeds oil,
virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and ginger.





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In a recent study published in the professional journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, study authors examined the health benefits of eating gazpacho.

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Gazpacho at White House

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